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A home with beautiful, natural light is always ideal. Even when winters are long and dreary, getting a lot of sunshine in your home can help. Research has shown that exposure to natural light can improve your overall wellbeing - making you happier and healthier. Furthermore, homeowners specify that natural light is one of the most important factors when searching for a house. Better light contributes to better sleep, helps ward off seasonal depression, and boosts vitamin D. However, if your home isn’t as well-lit as you’d like it to be, there are a few things you can do! 

how to bring more natural light into your home

Adding Mirrors and Shiny Surfaces

Reflective surfaces like mirrors, glass tables, glass counters, and cabinets, can all contribute to making your home feel like it’s brimming with natural light. Dark and closed surfaces will make your home feel cozier but smaller. If you only have a few windows, try installing some large mirrors throughout the room. Whether you prefer antique mirror frames or a clean, modern look, there are mirrors that can work with your interior decor. Mirrors also make the room look larger, so you’ll have a nice, bright space. Additionally, you can consider glass tables and cabinets to give the room a more open look. The more shiny and reflective surfaces your room has, the more it’ll increase the light. 

Install Larger Windows and Doors

If you’re ready for an overhaul that will really make a difference, consider replacing your doors and windows. If you’ve never updated your home’s glass, you’ll find that it makes a world of difference! Modern glass is made with a special heating process that makes it stronger and better quality. You’ll get a ton of new light your home never got before! As an added bonus, it’ll increase energy efficiency and security. Consider replacing your back door with a sliding glass wall or adding glass walls anywhere in your home. It’ll open up space and bring in that natural light that was lacking before. 

Replace Walls with Glass Blocks

This is a fantastic and modern way to renovate that will really make your home shine and bathe it in natural light. It’s especially a great tactic and popular for plant lovers, artists, and photographers who need that natural light throughout the house. Walls block light, and if you don’t have that many windows, it just leaves every room dark. Consider removing some of the walls and replacing them with stylish glass blocks or etched glass. This will allow natural light to circulate freely throughout your home! Glass blocks are still thick enough that you definitely have your privacy, but gives you a way to open up space in your home and bring in the sunlight.

Install Skylights

If you don’t want to add any more windows, consider adding in skylights! These work in every room and will bring the light right in without taking up your wall space. They come in a variety of sizes and styles so you can find one that works for you. They’re sturdy and will keep out the cold but bring in the best, unfiltered natural light you can imagine.

Custom Projects and Professional Service

If you’re ready to undergo some renovations that will bring natural light into your home, call More Than Glass at 804-746-3086 to talk to a professional. We have over 30 years of experience installing high-quality glass and creating custom glass projects for homeowners as well as commercial spaces. We strongly believe that natural light is the way to go and have dozens of options and designs that work for any space. 


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