Transform your kitchen with a glass countertop from THINKGLASSTM. THINKGLASSTM has the unique capability to mold glass with custom textures up to standard 3" thick, but if needed, can mold all the way to a bold 18" thick. Each countertop created is completely customizable with your choice of texture, color and finish so that you can make the countertop uniquely your own!

When contemplating your new countertop, consider using glass - it has multiple advantages such as:

  • it is as tough and durable as stone
  • it can have many different textures
  • it is naturally heat resistant
  • it is the most hygienic material for countertops due to the fact that glass is non-porous

Glass works beautifully on its own and blends in naturally with other countertop surfaces. The texture you select will be relatively consistent throughout the glass, but you should expect to see variations in the density of the air bubbles within large pieces. These variations and inconsistencies are part of the beauty of glass and set it apart as a unique creation. Environmentally-friendly glass is a sustainable, recyclable material.



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