Cast Glass

Cast glass is a molded or textured glass manufactured by using one of three different methods. Sometimes called slumped glass or kiln formed glass, it is made by placing float glass in a kiln over top of a mold with the desired pattern embossed into it. The glass is heated to it’s softening point where it slumps into the shape of the mold. It is then annealed and can be further fabricated.

We have a number of patterns of kiln formed glass. The nice part of this process is that the glass can be placed over imprinted patterns in different ways that will produce a totally different effect producing a custom piece with a standard pattern.

Uses of this type of product are limited only by one’s imagination:

  • Counter/Vanity tops
  • Doors & door inserts
  • Wall partitions
  • Privacy window screens
  • Signage panels
  • Backsplashes
  • Hand rail systems
  • Shower doors
  • Art pieces


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