Table & Counter Tops

Glass offers great protection for your table. More Than Glass is able to custom cut glass for most all shapes and sizes of tables. We can come to your home or office to make a pattern or you are welcome to bring your wood or paper pattern to us. There are several different types of edges available for your glass and we will be happy to recommend which edge will work best with your particular table. The glass that we use to protect your table top is typically 3/16" or 1/4" thick. We also can provide you with heavy glass to place on your pedestal or base to create your very own custom table. The thicker 3/8", 1/2" or 3/4" glass is used when you have a stand alone top for your pedestal or base. Custom table tops can range from cast glass, back painted glass to custom laminated glass.

Counter Tops/Transaction Tops

The growing trend in kitchens is to have a serving area that may be raised above the counter top. Glass is a great material for this application. Glass offers a light, open feel. There are a number of glass options that can be used from clear glass to cast glass to custom laminated glass, custom cut to almost any shape. We can recommend how best to attach your counter top to your base cabinet. We also can provide you with the standoff for mounting the counter top. Whether you choose clear glass or one of the specialty types of glass, your new kitchen counter top will by the envy of all of your friends & neighbors.


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