Crystalline Semi-Frameless Hinge Shower Doors

Semi-frameless units are designed in a minimalist fashion incorporating features found in the frameless units while gaining the needed structural strength from the master frame. This results in a clean, uncluttered unit with a cost savings over the available 3/8" systems.

  • Frames are available in 8 standard finishes.
  • All units are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum, polished three times before anodized finish is applied thus giving you a finish that is of the highest quality.
  • The exclusive Sealpro continuous shower door hinge design offers a smooth operation and positive stop.
  • Round header creates a contemporary look.
  • Clear, glazed door kits come standard with 1/4" glass for a heavier feel and superior operation.
  • Unique magnetic latch in conjunction with compression vinyl ensure a tight seal.
  • Frameless door incorporates a nearly invisible vinyl drip to enhance it's contemporary appearance and provide a positive water barrier.
  • Several handle options available (standard, c-pull, deluxe pull)
  • Mounted through the shower door, the c-pull handle gives the door a sophisticated heavy glass look.
  • Deluxe pull handles on the shower doors are also available allowing you the option to tie your door pull into your hardware.
  • Glass to glass butt glazed corners and step notch panels are available to further enhance the minimalist fashion.


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