What is Modern Design? Let’s start by talking a little about what modern design really means. Some may think it’s interchangeable with contemporary design, but each is their very own entity. Modern design refers to a designated time period, between the early to mid-20th century. Contemporary design is ever-evolving. So what are some of the best ideas for designing a modern interior with glass? 

Modern interior of a room exclusive design


Traditional bathroom areas can be transformed with glass elements, especially glass shower doors or glass wall designs. Many bathrooms have limited natural light so glass features will accentuate the minimal light that is typically in a bathroom, providing a much needed vibrancy. Glass is versatile in any room and will go a long way to bring your bathrooms to a new level of elegance. Glass can also help give the appearance of a more open space, which is especially beneficial in smaller bathrooms. 

Kitchen Area

Kitchens are a wonderful place to consider modernizing with interior glass. Decorating your kitchen space with glass cabinets, shelves, and even glass island tops can really transition the room. Glass in kitchens is versatile and practical. Stained glass or colored glass is something to consider for a modern, unique vibe. Wooden cabinets in kitchens look amazing with glass fronts. This design aesthetic will create a unique combination of styles, bringing functionality and beauty to the space. 


Front doors and accent cabinets in an entryway way are wonderful places to start to bring a modernized look to these areas. It’s easy to get lost in paint and flooring choices but front doors are actually a great place to focus your attention to. A glass element in a front door will not only make it beautiful from the exterior but also will allow the interior to absorb the beauty from the exterior natural light that can flow into your home through a front glass door. An entryway usually has minimal natural light since entryways typically don’t have a lot of windows. Consider a glass element such as an accent cabinet or console table with a beautiful design to enhance this space and bring a modern look. 

Living Room

Of course the main focus is on making a living room comfortable. Couches and other seating areas are generally at the front and center when considering your living room’s potential. Modernizing it with glass is something to consider as it can add a brightness and create a flow to connect it to other parts of the house. A glass panel or wall can connect the living space to areas that seem “closed off.” This feature will allow a living room to be a separate space while also allowing it to have the appearance of openness. Some other glass design ideas for living rooms include decorative wall pieces and bookshelves or entertainment centers.

If you have some design ideas in mind or need inspiration, here at More Than Glass you can view some ideas to inspire you. We can help you create a unique look for any area of your home. The versatility of colors and options with glass will bring a new look to the room and the beauty will last. Call us at (804) 746-3086.


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