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This may seem obvious, but every person comes into contact with glass on a daily basis. We don’t think about the idea that glass might break and be dangerous, or that it will have to get fixed. Humans often have contingency plans in many different cases. You likely know what to do in the event your tire tears on the road, or your computer breaks at work - but how many know what to do if a window cracks in your home/business/office?

It’s tempting to go for a DIY method, and it may even work for a time, but there’s one thing all experts can agree on: a cracked window eventually breaks. Here are a few ideas on what you can do once you notice the crack.

Broken Window at Home

Window Cracks The windows in your home can break for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a storm might cause a branch to fly into the window, or your kids might have simply had an accident while playing. Before anything, make sure everyone is out of the area. Take a picture of the damage for your homeowner’s insurance (or if you’re renting, to show the landlord). Then check the area for any shards of glass. After you’ve made sure the area is safe, it’s time to assess the damage.

Light scratches are bothersome, but generally, don’t warrant a window replacement. A crack that has a hole in the center, or spider-lines, is a severe problem. If there’s a hole or the window is completely broken, cover it with a plastic trash bag, to stop the heat/cold/bugs from coming in. If there is a small crack and no hole, use duct tape to cover it on both sides - be careful not to push on it so that it doesn’t get worse. At this point, it’s in your best interest to call a window repair service. A crack may not seem serious, but will likely lead to your entire window breaking sooner rather than later.

Broken Window in Your Business or Office

If you own your own business, it’s your responsibility to make sure the window is repaired by a professional. In accordance with the law, the business owner has to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their employees - and that includes fixing the windows. Leaving a cracked or broken window exposes your business to the elements outside, which workers and customers will notice.

If you walk in and notice that a window is broken or shattered, you must stop and clear the area. Sweep away any shards of glass that might hurt someone. If you must come into contact with the broken pieces, please wear protective gloves and eyewear. Get any employees or clients out of the premises. Any injuries on-site will be blamed on the owner.

The best thing you can do if a window cracks in your business or office is to call a window repair service. Choosing to ignore a crack will just leave you with a broken window later on.

Local Window Repair Shop

If your window cracks in your home/business/office, the best thing you can do is call More Than Glass at 804-746-3086. Located in Richmond, VA, More Than Glass has over 30 years of experience. Our experts are happy to answer your questions and provide you with an estimate. Whether you need a broken window fixed, or want to look into modernizing your home with custom-made glass, you can rest assured that our professionals will not rest until the job is done.


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