Mirrors are not only useful but also add style and personality to a space. While it is true that most bathrooms have mirrors, it doesn’t have to be limited to your bathrooms; you can use mirrors to beautify any space in your home.

What are Some Glass Mirror Ideas for Closets and Doors

A beautiful glass mirror is pretty much an essential addition to a walk-in closet or bedroom closet and they can be installed on adjoining doors. We've got some options to bring these ideas to life. 

Mirrored Closet Doors

Whether you have a small closet or a roomy walk-in closet, mirrored doors help to both conserve space and create the look of more space since they are reflective yet aren't obstructive. Essentially mirrors on doors give privacy but also serve a purpose. The mirror doesn’t even need to cover the entire door. A framed mirror centered on a door will give you a modern look that is unique.

Mirrored Door Panels

Rather than have an entire door mirror, you can break up the look with mirrored door panels. Choosing this design aesthetic allows for a custom look. A beautiful door with some inset mirrored panels will speak volumes. With this look, you have practically endless possibilities; from the type of door to the frame around the mirrors to the shape and size. It can be fun and creative to come up with a unique mirrored look that fits your style.

Mirrored Sliding Doors

Rather than having hinged doors that open out into the room, sliding doors keep things ergonomic and functional, and don’t close in on space. Hinged doors result in you needing to be wary of what you place in the spaces around the doors. Instead of limiting the use of space in your room, consider a sliding door that overcomes this problem and allows you more room for your items. A sliding door with mirrors gives you all the privacy you want but also offers the option to open everything up. 

Full Length or Raised Wall Mirror

If you’re thinking of adding a mirror to your closet space but don’t want to commit to an installation of a door you can go with a full-length mirror or even a raised mirror on the wall. You’ll still have the benefit of a mirrored area, which brings openness and light without a door installation. A custom glass mirror installed in your closet space, either on the length of the wall or a smaller mirror placed higher, can fit your closet and your style. You can get creative with this minimalist look.

Mirror Set on a Wall Opposite of a Closet

When you have a closet but want it to appear more spacious consider a mirror on the opposite wall across from the closet. This works to reflect the image of the doorway or opening to a closet but also gives you a mirrored dressing area that is nearby. 

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