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Many homeowners that have children in their home incorrectly think that they must stay away from decorative glass, in case it should break and injure someone in the family. However, companies like More Than Glass have been using laminated and tempered glass in homes with children for decades, and our experts understand that safety is the number one priority - which is why we use safety glass in most homes.

Tempered glass has been treated with a particular controlled thermal or chemical heating process that strengthens the glass. Usually, the piece is pre-cut and shaped. Experts then heat this glass in a furnace that’s heated to over 1000 degrees, and then rapidly cool it. The process is called quenching. This makes the glass incredibly hard to break, so even if you’ve got rowdy children in the house, you don’t have to worry about them smashing your beloved tables, countertops, or bathroom glass.

What Makes Tempered Glass Better Than Regular Glass?

Using Tempered Glass in Homes with Children Tempered glass isn’t unbreakable. Most materials are fracturable, and there’s no getting around that. What experts have done with tempered glass has not only made it much stronger than many other materials, but they have also changed the way it breaks.

Most glass shatters into thousands of tiny pieces, cutting anyone who comes into contact with it. Understandably, many parents wouldn’t want their children playing near fragile glass objects. But with tempered glass, it breaks differently, so that it doesn’t hurt anyone. Tempered glass doesn’t fly apart into small pieces. If the glass breaks, you can see visible cracks, but it won’t be as dangerous as regular glass breaking. The fragments from broken tempered glass don’t get as tiny and hard to find as non-treated glass, and the large pieces of glass do not cause accidental injuries.

Benefits of Using Tempered Glass in Homes with Children

Tempered glass is still glass, and although it is resistant to breakage and doesn’t injure as much, it’s always a good idea to talk to your children so that they can be aware. It’s also a good idea in any home to have a protocol in case anything with glass is broken. Children who know what to do in cases of broken glass are less likely to get hurt. However, with tempered glass, this is much less of a worry.

Another benefit of tempered glass is that it is more durable than regular glass. This type of surface is four or five times stronger than any other kind of glass, making it more resistant to almost everything. If you’re worried about having your windows smashed in during a break-in, invest in tempered glass and sleep soundly at night. Burglars have a tough time getting through this type of glass and will give up. Criminals tend to go for homes that are easier to get into, and tempered glass is a good deterrent.

Tempered glass can outlast difficult weather situations, harsh rain, and strong winds if this is your chosen material for your doors, windows, or outdoor furniture. It’s also heat resistant and easier to clean up, so even if you have young children who play, spill, and frequently crash into things - you don’t have to worry.

Local Tempered Glass Technicians

If you’re looking to install tempered glass around your home, feel free to call More Than Glass for assistance at 804-746-3086. Our friendly staff is happy to take your call, provide consultations, and answer any questions. We’ve been serving the Richmond, VA, area for more than 30 years, and our quality products and customized glass work has made generations of homeowners happy. Call today and learn more about the benefits of having tempered glass in homes with children.


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