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Glass showers, counters, and unique mirrors are all stylish ways to update your bathroom. Individuals who love the look of glass in the bathroom now have more choices than ever, as most glass shops will customize the work to fit your home decor and your budget. There are a ton of options when it comes to modernizing your bathroom - whether you want a glass shower enclosure, new mirrors, or just a simple decorative touch with some etched glass dividers.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass Shower Enclosure

If your bathroom needs just a little spark, why not try some uniquely designed etched glass doors for the shower? You can choose from multiple designs so you can always find something that speaks to you. And the frosted glass will make sure privacy is still included, so this is a great choice for anyone that has young children. Whether you want to do something antique, vintage, modern, or contemporary, you can achieve that with the right etched glass door design.

If you’re trying to go for clean, open, and modern, you can have high-quality glass shower doors installed. Glass makes a room feel lighter and brighter because it reflects natural light. It also makes a bathroom look bigger. So if your space is a little more cramped than you’d like, considering installing a beautiful glass mirror (customized to fit your space) that will make the room feel larger. If you really want to make your bathroom look spacious, consider replacing the bathtub by installing glass to create a walk-in shower.

Using Glass to Modernize the Bathroom

You can have a large custom mirror that goes with your bathroom decor and helps maintain the image of spaciousness. You may want to trade in your normal cabinets for glass ones, a unique way to keep your stuff safe and still look good. You could also replace the cabinets entirely with an ornate antique mirror customized to fit your size limitations.

Glass counters are another way to employ glasswork to make your bathroom a beautiful and modern place. Consider a glass counter around the sink for a sleek and shiny new look. If you like storage space, you may want some glass shelves installed into your shower so you can easily stash your products right within your shower enclosure.

Another popular look is installing back painted glass in the bathroom, a cost-effective way to make the entire room look lavish. You can do it on all four walls or just one for a more upscale feeling. This glass doesn’t just look good, but helps protect your bathroom from mold and other water damage.

Safe and Reliable

Of course, there’s always a risk with any glass product that it may break. However, at More Than Glass, we only use top-quality materials that are specially treated to resist breaking. This means normal wear and tear won’t crack it. Any children in the house must be taught to be careful around the glass, but your glass shower doors, mirrors, and tables should be fine. If this glass does break, our special treatments make sure that it breaks into large, non-jagged pieces, so that there’s less of a risk. Call us today to talk to an expert about your remodeling ideas and get an estimate from a top-tier glass company in Richmond, VA.


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