Whether you’ve just bought a home or are renting, small bedrooms are something we all have to contend with at some point in life. Truthfully, a small bedroom is a considerably cozy space. There are many ways to work with a modest space where you’ll have room for all your items and show off your decorating sense.

With the right tools and a few tries, you can get this area looking as glamorous as a magazine-spread master bedroom. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist decorator, a little creativity and strategic placement can turn your cozy room into the stylish boudoir of your dreams.

Make Your Bedroom Seem Bigger

Maximize Hidden Storage Space

The thing about a small bedroom is you do have to get creative to stash your stuff somewhere. Otherwise, cozy turns into claustrophobic quickly. Whenever possible, opt for under-the-bed storage. It’s a big lifesaver; you can stash large items like bedding, off-season clothes, linens, etc. Especially if you don’t have a lot of closet space, go for end tables with plenty of drawer space. Some beds even have storage space in the headboard.

Choose Your Paint Colors Wisely

Light colors reflect light and make a room look bigger. Light has a lot to do with the feeling of spaciousness in a room. Whether you have many windows or just one, choose light or monochromatic colors for your room so the sun can bounce off the walls and improve your space. To add dimension, you can also paint the trim or moldings a slightly lighter shade. If you love darker colors, consider limiting it to an accent wall.

Use Your Wall Space

Another way to make a bedroom seem bigger is to draw the eyes upward using your vertical space. Consider a few paintings, mirrors, or frames higher on the wall. Wall shelves are a great space-saver for smaller bedrooms and can make the room seem more extensive if you use them correctly.

Add Contrasting Colors and Textures

Even if you’re not big on color, choose one you like and make it a focal point throughout the room. Contrasting colors add dimension. For example, if you prefer to decorate your bedroom in white, blue or red curtains or pillows will draw the eye, and the white decor around it will keep your eye moving across the space - weirdly enough, it’s a visual trick that makes you feel like the area is bigger than it is! It’s also an excellent way to add interest or flare to your design without adding extra items or taking away space.

Add Mirrors

Professional home decorators have always used mirrors to enhance a space. Wall mirrors reflect light and add dimension. Some like to adhere to the rules of Feng Shui—never place a mirror across from your bed but do place it near a window, where it can reflect sunshine and scenery. You can also set a beautiful floor-length mirror on any wall that needs an extra touch. Mirror frames are another great way to express style without placing additional items. A thick decorative frame is an expression of style that adds oomph to the room. Or you can go simple if you’re a minimalist and choose a small metal frame, enhancing the space around your mirror.

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