Does your home’s interior look like it needs a little bit of an updo? Glass is an excellent material you can use in any room of the house to make it look glamorous. Shiny, new glass can bring fresh air to older furniture, make the room look bigger and brighter, and adds that superstar look to any part of the house. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your home with glass in a way that makes it look modern and sleek. 

How To Make Every Room Glamorous With Glass Tops

Kitchen and Dining Rooms: Glass Tables, Table Tops, and Cabinets

Glass has been popular for nearly every decade, and in the 2020s, the most popular way to implement glass in a room is to use it as a counter or finish. It gives the room a contemporary look and reflects light to make all of your decor shine. 

A glass table or backsplash in the kitchen or dining room can add airiness to the room and keep it looking modern and new. Try a textured or frosted glass top for your counters to make your kitchen look unique and give it a vintage vibe. You can even install a glass bar if you like to entertain. Try going for an etched glass design or a frosted look to add some charm.

Installing glass cabinets in the kitchen is a great way to make a space look elegant. If you collect plates or wine bottles, it’s a fantastic way to display your interests and expensive collections. 

Hallways and Entryways: Simple Glass Details

Suppose your hallways and entryways are a little drab. Spice things up with some glass! You can install borderless windows on the walls, making a small hallway feel large. In the entry space, a glass table where you can put your mail and keys can bring the area together and add a dapper element to an otherwise ignored alcove. You can also go for a sizable antique-framed mirror for some vivacity. 

Bathroom: Glass Splashes, Showers, and Enclosures

Whether you’ve got a spacious or small bathroom, glass can enhance your experience. 

Smaller bathrooms benefit from a glass shower or bath enclosure, which opens up the room. You can also have a glass backsplash in the bathroom, which will help make the room bright, and protect the walls. In humid areas, mold often appears, so topping the wall with glass can help prevent that. It’ll also make cleaning the bathroom extremely easy. 

In a big bathroom, you can try an etched glass divider, or frosted glass, for a touch of modern lavishness. Adding glass to any counters or small glass tables to hold your toiletries is an easy way to make your bathroom feel sumptuous. 

Whatever glass project you’re looking for, More Than Glass has you covered. We’ve been serving the Richmond community for over 40 years and love to do unique and creative pieces for any home. Whether you have an idea or you need some inspiration, call us at 804-746-3086. Glass pieces are a great way to update and modernize your home without any disruptive construction. There are lots of options to consider for every room, no matter your personal style and decor!


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