If you’re looking to add storage space while limiting the appearance of clutter, glass shelves are the perfect addition to your bathroom. Shelving is essential in any size bathroom for organization and access to necessities and floating glass shelves come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your aesthetic and optimize the space you do have.

How to Increase Bathroom Space with Glass Shelves

If there is a design in mind that you want custom made, let us know — we love producing custom glass creations! Let’s get into a few ways you can add space to any bathroom with glass shelves.

Corner Storage in Shower

Consider storage that is located on the corner’s edge of the tub, or a shower caddy that adds extra surface space to your shower. It can be just big enough for all those hygiene necessities like shampoo, body soap, and scrubs. Triangle or quarter round glass shelves can add additional space in your shower while enhancing the atmosphere, creating a continuous appearance without making the shower feel crowded. Nestled in the corner of the shower within arm’s reach, you’ll be able to have all the toiletry items you want and need with a harmonious design.

3-Piece Floating Shelves

Replace the blank space above your toilet with a set of 3-piece floating shelves. This can brighten up a small bathroom, giving the illusion of more space while offering additional storage for any toiletry items that you use frequently. Add small baskets to store items that you do not want visible but still within reach while keeping it clutter-free. This design also gives height to the bathroom to enhance the appearance of the room. 

Single Glass Shelf Above Bathroom Vanity

Sink vanities can complete the look of a bathroom, but reduce the amount of space available due to limited surface area. Installing a single glass shelf above is not just practical, but can be a great addition for any contemporary design and frees up the little space you might have on the vanity. You can keep it simple with a clear glass or create a custom design with our team that fits the style of the room.

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