Using glass etching to customize your doors, cabinets, and tabletops is a wonderful way to update your home’s decor. What better way to make your space look luxurious and lavish than frosted glass detailing? Here’s everything you need to know about etched glass, plus ideas for utilizing etched glass in the home.

Make Your Bedroom Seem Bigger

Etched Glass and Frosted Glass

These are two terms for the same thing. In fact, many people aren’t sure what the correct terms are for the glasswork they need. Don’t be shy to describe the effect you’re looking for when you speak to an expert - they’ll help guide you in the right direction. Either way, etched glass is sandblasted glass that’s treated by hand or machine. The effect is a “frosted” look. You can use various degrees of sandblasting (leaving the material opaque or heavily blasted), hues, and choose unique designs to achieve a custom look.

Etched glass uses a special sealant that keeps it clean, fingerprint-free, and reduces glare. This glass is high-quality and can be in place for years.

Glass Door Safety

Trustworthy shops only use top-tier materials. Glass that is installed in homes (and cars) is treated to be tougher than regular glass. Most of the time it’s chemically treated and heated to become stronger, even when the glass looks thin. This treatment makes sure that if the glass does break, it separates into small square pieces without edges that can potentially injure someone. We do recommend having a glass safety talk if you have children in the house, but glass shower doors should be able to withstand light wear and tear.

Glass Etched Doors

Whether you’re looking for a custom design to make your home stand out, or update your business’ front, etched glass is a great solution. In fact, etched glass and be utilized anywhere, not just your doors. From windows, tables, and countertops to bathroom mirrors, glass is the way to go if you’re renovating just about anything.

  • Businesses, offices, and stores often go for a simple and modern look - clear glass that uses high-quality materials to make sure there’s no glare or fingerprints and is strong enough to withstand all the comings and goings of your space. Business owners can go further with this look by requesting glass privacy screens, room dividers, and glass office walls for a really professional look. If it’s time to modernize your office or other business, look into glass designs. They’re cost-effective and have a timeless look.
  • Homeowners love to use frosted glass in their front doors. It gives the home a new, clean, and light look but maintains privacy for the family. Whether you want to add something new to your front door or have a custom-designed sliding door in the back, choose an experienced company that will do the work for you from start to finish.

Whatever your idea is, More Than Glass can help bring it to life. With over 20 years of experience serving Virginia residents and companies, you can be sure you’re getting the highest-quality materials available. Our experts are happy to talk to you about custom ideas - we love creativity and getting to create truly unique glass pieces. If you have an idea for glass etchings, call us today at 804-746-3086.


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