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Commercial spaces often prefer glass storefronts for a variety of reasons - including lighting and general style. However, there is a host of ins and outs for choosing the right glass. Depending on the type of business you have, you may want to consider some different options. Choosing the right glass is more than just picking the best design. There are a lot of elements to consider, from energy efficiency to privacy. Although, choosing the right style that will make your storefront look attractive and bring in the customers is, of course, the priority. Luckily with More Than Glass, you can have all of that. 

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The glass we create for storefronts is always tempered glass, which is glass that has been treated through a heat and chemical process that makes it stronger. Security for storefronts is also of the utmost importance. This tempered glass doesn’t break easily for intruders or harsh weather. If it’s repeatedly hit the glass will crack, but it should still hold. Or, it may break into small, square pieces rather than jagged edges that can potentially hurt you or any patrons. 

Styles of Glass for Different Storefronts

Restaurants and stores often want large floor-to-ceiling glass that will adequately show off the inside and look inviting to any passersby. Big windows also allow for maximum sunlight to reach the interior, making it a warmer and more inviting space. In the winter, large windows that allow sunlight through will help keep the temperature comfortable. However, in the summer you may find yourself cranking up the air conditioner. 

You have a variety of options when it comes to what kind of frame you’d like on the glass. If you’d like it to be frosted or etched in places rather than clear, that’s another great choice. You should look at the layout of your store and see what you want to highlight. Combined with lighting, a lovely glass panel will make your store feel shiny,sparkly, and larger than it is. Glass is reflective so it makes it even brighter. 

On the other hand, some businesses, like doctor’s offices or law offices may feel that floor-to-ceiling glass is too intrusive. You want to give your clients the privacy they deserve, but still want enough windows to keep the place bright and charming. You can discuss your design ideas or ask for suggestions from your local glass experts at More Than Glass. They’ll help you figure out where you can strategically place glass to keep that office attractive and well-lit. Tinted or coated glass is also another great idea, as it lets your clients look out but is colored on the other side so that people can’t see in. 

You may also decide to go with different styles of panes if you want to give it a little bit more of a vintage feel. Stained glass is another way to make your storefront look unique, as you can incorporate different pictures, shapes, designs, and colors that will make you stand out from the rest. 

To talk about the best glass options for your storefront, get in touch with the experts at More Than Glass by calling 804-746-3086. We’ll walk you through the best options for your business and provide you with high-quality glass that will leave you feeling safe at night and excited to come to work in the morning. We’ve been serving the community for upwards of 30 years and have tons of experience working with various requests and love creative projects.


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