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Lovely, alluring, floating glass shelves are a favorite for interior designers and homeowners who love to get creative. Glass shelving has multiple uses and is customizable so it can work well with any style. Whether you love vintage styles or minimalism - glass shelves can add space, glamour, and become a great way to display your favorite items. Their versatility is what makes them so popular. You can utilize glass shelves in pretty much any room. Here are a few tips and advantages of glass shelving in your home. 

Colorful miscellany of variously shaped vintage vases in glass and ceramics on display in an antiques store

Use Them in Any Room

You can make space in your kitchen by using glass shelves. They reflect light and help brighten up a room which makes it feel bigger than it is. It’s also a beautiful way to showcase your favorite dishes and kitchen supplies, and they are practical for the home chef that’s always searching for their spices in a cabinet. If you prefer a more vintage or modern look, you can dress up glass shelves with a frame. A dark wood frame would give it a luxurious modern-cabin feel, while a thin steel frame would be more contemporary and industrial. 

Glass shelves are also incredibly practical and stunning when used in the living room or family room. Replace your usual curio cabinets and bulky old-world display cases with floating glass or glass cabinets. It adds space to the room and draws attention to your valued items. Custom-made glass cabinets are also becoming extremely popular among home gardeners and houseplant lovers. You can attach grow lights, display your plants, and keep them safe from your pets and children, all while having a beautiful centerpiece for your living room.

In fact, glass shelves are great for displaying any hobby and can even make an excellent gift for a partner or roommate who loves to collect. Whether it is silverware, plants, books, or even action figures, glass shelves are the best way to organize your collection, keep it safe, and allow you to have a great view of your favorite items. Wine collectors also love glass shelving for their wine cellars or storage facilities. A wine “cellar” with just the right type of glass and frame can make that room more inviting and impressive. 

Practical and Safe

Glass cabinets are generally considered delicate, and that encourages your family or other visitors to your home to handle the contents delicately - thereby protecting them. Plus, most glass made for homes is created to be smudge-proof and easy to clean. Glass is always easier to clean and is harder to damage than wood. Wood shelves inevitably end up having rings or spots from mystery liquids, especially after a few years. Glass can last indefinitely! 

Glass shelves are also absolutely safe around families. For this type of product, experts will always use tempered glass, which is treated in a heat-chemical process that makes it stronger and more resistant to breakage. If it does break, the treatment enables the glass to break into small, dull, pieces rather than jagged shards, so you can feel safe with your glass cabinets and shelves around your children. 

Custom Glass Shelves

If you’re looking to install custom glass shelves in your home, contact More Than Glass at 804-746-3086 to speak to an expert. We can help you bring your home decor ideas to life! With a variety of options for glass, designs, etching, and fits, we’ve been serving communities around VA for over 30 years.


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