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With unique edges and ornate frames, antique mirrors can transform any living space instantly. Since vintage decor is making a comeback in interior design, it's worth noting the many great uses of antique mirrors. Not only do they add unique character but they also infuse the room with personality, transforming an ordinary room to extraordinary. Consider these 5 great ideas to inspire you.

An antique round mirror hangs on a blue wall

  1. Bathroom spaces. Add an antique mirror to bathrooms for a nice contrast to an otherwise basic space. When you introduce an antique mirror (especially with a nice gold frame) it can add much needed warmth and character to a bathroom that may be suffering from too much white or dull colors. You'll be surprised to know antique mirrors can be rather inexpensive even though some may look extravagant. You don’t need to buy a valuable antique to get the look. Affordable vintage gold mirrors are easily found at flea markets, and you might even consider a reproduction. They add a unique look that really can bring that special something to a bath area.
  2. Wardrobe closet/dressing area. A mirror is essential in any wardrobe closet, or changing room. It makes sense to have one there since it is where you will utilize it the most. Why not consider an antique mirror? The vintage look of an antique will help uplift the whole vibe of your wardrobe area. You can install it on a wall or in the closet door. Add a beautiful mirror in an ornate frame to transform this space from drab to fab! 
  3. Foyer or entryway. Oftentimes these areas can have an “open-ness” while also seeming lackluster. Basically these spaces often need help. An antique mirror is an easy yet wonderful way to add a brilliant, unique look. Whether it's an accent cabinet with a mirror or a mirror displayed higher up against the wall with a frame that really makes a statement, it will be a pretty easy task and well worth the effort. 
  4. Dining rooms/kitchens. This is actually a lovely space to consider displaying an antique mirror. The modern look of today's dining rooms and open kitchen concepts leave all kinds of possibilities to complement it with a vintage piece. Mixing up these two styles is very trendy and the results will be gorgeous. 
  5. Home office. With many people working from home these days, it's very likely your home office could use a little sparkle. The addition of an antique mirror in a home office space can bring extra light and brighten up your spirit throughout a long workday. Consider placing this complimentary gem near a window to reflect any light rays that enter the room. 

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