Mirrors serve the purpose of not only brightening up a space but also can enhance the feeling of having more space. Bedrooms are perfect for this, and since we go to sleep and wake up in our bedrooms, this space deserves to be designed in a way that reflects who we are - a custom installed glass mirror can do just that! When placed strategically you'll be sprucing up your bedroom in no time. 

4 Best Design Ideas for Mirrors in Bedrooms

Dressers and nightstands 

Dressers and nightstands are pretty much a must for any bedroom, but when a bedroom is on the smaller side you may wonder if the room will seem “closed off” with this added furniture. Well, there's no better addition to a small space than a well-placed mirror. Mirrors serve to amplify light and break up visual clutter. A wonderful way to open it up is the addition of a mirror. 

Mirrors in these spaces will also help to balance out the blunt look of a dresser or nightstand against a wall. Consider a decorative mirror above to smooth out the transition of this space, creating a more layered look. You can hang one over each nightstand or just go with one of the nightstands and balance the other side with artwork or a decorative lamp.

Create a focal point 

A mirror in your bedroom will visually enlarge the space and can also create a nice focal point. If you don’t have a separate dressing room or walk-in closet, a mirror in the bedroom is a very important addition. Consider placing a floor length mirror in a frame to give you that separate dressing room feel even if there isn't one. 

Floor length mirrors for bedrooms are a great space-saver too, especially if you have limited bedroom space. They work wonders to enhance the bedroom interior and they double as a decor item as well as a functional addition to the bedroom.

Inset mirror in armoires

Armoires are a beautiful addition to bedroom decor. They allow you to have a place to store an overflow of clothing and other items while giving your room a classic look. Why not have a mirror installed inset to the armoire front? This can give you a dressing area and that extra storage space all in one.

If it's a small armoire you could add just one mirror but if it's a double door style armoire, two mirrors installed in the doors will give your bedroom a unique look and will greatly enhance the light that filters in. 

Mirrors installed across from your closet 

Often bedrooms have limited closet space in order to allow room for beds and other furniture. A small closet may be functional but giving the perception of a larger space is never a bad idea.

One way to make a closet seem bigger is the addition of a mirror on the opposite wall. This look will reflect the closet opening and elongate the area. It will also provide a dressing area so you can have the feel of a walk-in closet even if you don't have one. 

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