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Modern homes and apartments are utilizing glass to give the space a sleek and spacious look. Contemporary and stylish, deciding to update some of your areas with glass can be a great idea. This design will keep your home looking fresh for years. A minimalist theme can go far with glass or mirrored walls, custom tabletops, or even decorative mirrors. There’s a myriad of things to consider when you get a custom glass design. One of the best things you can do is to call your local glass shop and talk to an expert about your options.

Before Ordering Custom Glass

Custom Glass Design Replacing certain items in your house with glass can make those items sparkle. Call a glass shop to make sure that every piece of glass you have installed is safe. The sheets of glass sold at hardware stores aren’t always meant to be used as furniture and may not be secure or thick enough. While it is possible for any glass to break, glass that comes from a professional company and is meant for home use is usually tempered or laminated. These processes make glass sturdy enough to withstand everything your family might do.

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that’s common in many homes, especially in outside areas and bathrooms. This type of surface is made with heat and chemicals to make it extra durable and more resistant to breakage through a process called “tempering.” It doesn’t look thick or murky but is much stronger than any other glass with the same thickness. Also, if tempered glass breaks, it doesn’t become sharp and dangerous. Instead, it breaks into rounded cubes and pieces. For this reason, this glass is used often in skyscrapers and windshields. It’s a good idea to consider this type of glass when you’ve got active children.

Laminated glass is often used in commercial buildings. This type of glass has layers of thinner glass and plastic stacked on top of each other to make the piece less breakable. This type of glass is excellent for soundproofing rooms or glass facades and floors.

Living Room Glass Ideas

There are a lot of options for sprucing up your home with glass. In the living room, you can use custom glass to create a variety of uniquely-shaped mirrors. Mirrors in the living room make space look larger. Talk to your glass experts about installing beautiful square or rectangular mirrors, or go for something altogether funky and non-traditionally shaped. Other people choose to add space by installing a glass wall.

Installing Custom Glass in Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another place that individuals love to furnish with glass. Glass shower doors are sleek and clean-looking, especially when paired with other high-end materials, like tile. Customized bathroom cabinets are another attractive choice. Finally, custom-made glass floors are a trendy way to modernize your bathroom. Glass in any humid or wet area also minimizes the risk of mold growing, since it’s easier to clean and mold can’t attach itself to this material.

Custom Glass Design in Richmond

If you want to talk your options over with a professional, call More Than Glass at 804-746-3086 for a free consultation. At More Than Glass, we’ve been serving the residents and businesses of Richmond, VA, for over 30 years. Our glass designs are inspected for safety, and we only use the highest quality glass for our projects. Big or small, we can help you with the custom glass you need to make your home look the way you’ve always dreamed.




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