Mirrors are a great decorative tool for enhancing any home. Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes and have varied frames and styles, so you can always find mirrors to match your personal sense of decor. Whether you’re a minimalist or love the look of art deco frames or anything in between, here are some tips on properly using mirrors to enhance your home. 

Enhancing Your Home Decor With Mirrors

Create a Staged Sense of Space in Small Rooms and Hallways

Interior decorators have suggested using mirrors to create the illusion of space for decades. Here’s how you do it right:

  • Choose medium-sized mirrors for smaller rooms or hallways - you don’t need a huge, wall-sized mirror. A large mirror may look clunky and out of place. Small or medium round mirrors neatly taking up a small portion of the wall is enough.
  • Use larger mirrors in big rooms. Place them in a focal point such as above the fireplace, above a dresser, or leaning against a focal wall. 
  • Choose your frame carefully. Thin frames around a large mirror go very well in a spacious room to make it seem even more prominent. Chunkier frames are a decorative focal point for a room, so make sure any furniture or artwork you place around it doesn’t make the room feel cluttered. 
  • Lean mirrors higher up on wall shelves or cabinets as a fun and subtle decoration that reflects light and makes the ceilings feel higher. 

These tips can be applied to any room, style, or theme. Use thin-framed mirrors in the bathroom or a mirrored backsplash to make the space feel luxurious. Mirrors placed in elevated areas in the dining room or living room give it a certain opulence, especially paired opposite some nice candle sticks!

Use Mirrors to Create Light

Dark homes can be depressing. You always want to light your home naturally as much as possible. This is where mirrors come in. The right way to place a mirror to brighten up a room is to put it opposite a window or anywhere light hits in a room. The mirror will reflect light and enhance it, immediately brightening up a space. 

Enhance Your Decor 

Mirrors are also used as a simple decorative tool in most homes. If you’re not into finding the absolute proper placement to brighten up a room - use mirrors as decoration! They come in all sorts of shapes and styles, custom frames, and other nuances. If you’re a minimalist and don’t want to crowd your walls with art, use a simple mirror to compliment your decor. Or, if you love fancy mirrors and chunky frames, pair them with similarly-framed art pieces. A beautiful mirror is a great focal point and conversation starter. 

Get the Right Mirror for You

If you’re considering a lovely mirror that’ll enhance your home, call More Than Glass at 804-746-3086. We have plenty of frames and styles to choose from and are always up for a creative and unique project. Get the best quality glass and frames that will last and leave your home looking great for decades. We’ve served the community for over 30 years and would love to make your home decor dreams a reality!


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