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You can utilize glass in your kitchen in a number of ways and end up with a variety of different looks. Depending on the combination of glass, design, color, and the type of cabinets you choose, you can go modern or go classic. Either way, with glass cabinets, you’ll end up with a bold look in your kitchen. Glass cabinets enhance space and reflect light, making your kitchen shine. Get the kitchen you’ve always wanted with a few simple renovations - like glass cabinets. You may also want to consider adding glass to your backsplash or your kitchen table to complete this ultra-modern, timeless look. 

kitchen with glass counter and cabinets

Tall Cabinets for Elegance 

If you’re going for a classic, elegant kitchen, you’re going to want light colors like white for your walls and cabinets. Highlight your kitchen even more by keeping it brightly-lit. If your kitchen is small and doesn’t have many windows, more glass surfaces can bring a grandness to the space. Tall glass cabinets give your kitchen a luxury feeling. Clear or etched glass will work for this style. If you like a cleaner look and have lovely dishes to display, consider clear glass for your cabinets. Otherwise, a pretty etched design or frosted glass on your cabinets can bring in a vintage style to your kitchen area. 

Clear Glass & Steel Frames for the Industrial Look

Urban-chic has made its way into homes across the states. People love that the look is fashionable but simple, and timeless enough. To give your kitchen a more industrial style, you should think about more metal surfaces, gray or neutral color patterns, and large square glass cabinets with steel frames. This style is incredibly functional and you’ll have excellent high-quality cabinets for years. Steel and metals are easy-to-clean and family-friendly - you won’t have to worry about your kids scratching up surfaces. A large block of cabinets with clear glass is the base of this look, but the metal frame is where it really comes together.

Stylized Yet Homey

Fancy kitchens are great, but if you have a simpler style and want to combine functionality with beauty, go for a classic kitchen look. Off-whites, smaller cabinets with wood or pastel-colored frames, wood shelves, and clear glass cabinet doors are the keys to this style. Wood shelves inside your cabinets vs glass ones is a simple but stylish statement. 

Modern Fixtures 

A modern kitchen is somewhere between a minimalist contemporary idea and a homey, functional kitchen. It’s one of the most popular ways to remodel a kitchen. Think dark wood colors, and large frosted glass cabinet doors with glass shelves inside. A fun light fixture is a clever way to bring this look together. Maple or walnut cabinets combined with frosted glass cabinet doors and some glass backsplashes give your kitchen a touch of opulence. 

Contemporary for Simplicity

Glass cabinets are perfect for anyone who prefers minimalism in the kitchen. Contemporary styles are focused on the idea of less is more. White or black surfaces with a pop of color and simple glass cabinets with either a thin colored frame or no frame at all will leave your kitchen stylish and unencumbered. 

Get Creative

If you have a style in mind, or a creative idea you need to be brought to life, call More Than Glass at 804-746-3086. For more than 30 years, we’ve installed high-quality glass in kitchens throughout the central VA area. We use only the best materials and installation procedures to make sure that your glass looks amazing for decades to come. 


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