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If you’re looking to add artistic flair and unique visual elements to your home, etched glass can be a great option. 

Etching is an art form made on the surface of glass. Etched glass is really just a generic term for the treatment of the glass surface to diffuse transmitted light, reduce glare and give the glass a frosted appearance. This process is also sometimes called sandblasted or frosted glass. There are many different styles and designs to choose from. 

Vintage decor is especially popular now. Here are some possibilities for making this unique and trendy look a part of your home.

Bird on a branch.Flowers. Natural background.engraving on glass

How to Incorporate Vintage Etched Glass into Your Home Decor

Entryway areas are a great place to consider for an etched glass item. An accent table in the foyer or an interior wall with a beautiful vintage etched glass mirror will brighten up any space where there are minimal windows, while enhancing any existing natural light.

Kitchen areas can greatly benefit from a vintage etched glass look. This versatile aesthetic can naturally brighten the space by reflecting light in a kitchen with sparse natural light. To show off and complement your beautiful glassware or counter tops, etched glass on your cabinet doors will go a long way. 

Bathrooms and vanity areas are another space where etched glass works to amplify minimal light. Adding a vintage etched glass style to your shower doors or bathroom vanity area will help to bring a classic, yet modern look to your bathrooms. These areas often have minimal natural lighting so etched glass is a worthy consideration to help brighten an interior room like a bathroom. A vintage look in these spaces will go with practically any existing design or they can be spruced up by adding some vintage fixtures.

Sunrooms or entertainment areas are another space where vintage glass works. These areas are typically already full of plenty of natural or artificial light. Adding an etched glass design either in a bar area or in a French Door in these rooms enhances the already existing light and creates some depth and style to the room. 

Whether you’re looking to create a new look in your home or elaborate on an existing style, vintage etched glass is a beautiful option. Our designers can help you find that specific look you have in mind or we can provide you with other options that are popular with our existing customers. 

Etched glass is what we started doing over 20 years ago at More Than Glass. Little did we know back then that we would become the leader in Central Virginia for this product. We have the capability to produce small etched glass panels for residential homeowners, as well as providing large-scale production pieces for some of the top glazing companies in Virginia. Let us create a design that can complement your home or business.


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