A wine cellar is a collector’s dream and a source of pride for many homeowners. Your assortment is carefully cultivated - and your storage space should reflect that. Picking out the perfect racks and finding the custom glass pieces you’ve always dreamed of is easier than you think when you have the right experts to help you. Before you get to work, read all about custom wine cellars so that you can make the best decisions for your collection.

What to Look For in a Custom Wine Cellar

Temperature and humidity control is the most crucial factor of the wine cellar. Generally, before heating/cooling units could be installed, many kept their wines in basements or individual underground quarters to minimize the damage from outside elements. Some cellars are still built this way, and those are referred to as passive cellars. A passive vault is constructed underground to reduce fluctuations in temperature.

The best climate for your wine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. A few degrees over or under won’t hurt, but for the best results, keep your vault at a cold, steady temp. Sun, humidity, and temperature can ruin your wines, so the first thing you should do is find a space in your home that can easily connect to the technology you need to keep the temperature at bay. Not enough humidity and the corks can dry out. Too much moisture and your wine and wood can be ruined. If you have a basement or cellar area, you may still have to invest in an AC unit and humidifier to keep the levels ideal for storing wine.

Placing a Wine Cellar

custom wine cellarsYou can build a wine cellar in any part of the house, as long as you have the right equipment. A wine collection stored in the home is usually called a wine room. Use custom glass pieces to create a luxurious space that truly matches your personality as a wine collector. The glass you choose for your area should be from a quality glass shop that has years of experience creating the unique pieces necessary for a wine cellar.

A popular and modern idea for a wine cellar is to place it in the kitchen, where it can be an extension of the room. Using custom glass cabinets, or creating a sleek and elegant sliding door, allows all of your guests to see your beautiful wine collection. Plus, it adds a lavish feeling to the home. As long as this space is insulated, an expert glass shop will be able to help you create the perfect design for any area you have in mind.

Custom Wine Cellars Near Me

If you’re ready to commit to your passion and build the proper wine storage unit, call More Than Glass at 804-746-3086 for a free consultation. You can create a custom design, or pick from over 100 different options for creating a wine cellar. With more than 30 years of experience serving Richmond, VA residents, More Than Glass only uses the most quality products. You can rest assured that your precious wine collection is in good hands. To keep your wine in the best shape possible, you’ll need experts who understand the importance of creating an environment where these precious liquids are safe and secure.