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For homeowners looking to add an updated look and feel to their kitchen or bathroom, look no further than glass countertops. The benefits of glass countertops are almost endless. Thankfully, the team at More Than Glass in Richmond, Virginia has assembled this guide to help you understand them all.

glass table topVariety of Options

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to install glass countertops in your space is the vast variety of options available. Because they come in so many styles and finishes, glass countertops can fit seamlessly into any space and can complement any design taste. At More Than Glass, our team can create custom glass countertops that will work well in your home and suit your needs. We have helped enhance our client’s spaces using numerous types of glass for countertops, including:

  • Back painted glass: This option allows clients to get truly creative in their kitchen or bathroom remodel. Back painted countertops feature a clear sheet of countertop glass with a custom color painted onto the underside of the glass, allowing the color to show through the top of the countertops.
  • Etched Glass: By choosing etched glass, you can add a more muted tone to your glass countertops in an already bright space. Etched glass has a unique frosty look to it and can be customized to include designs within the surface of your countertop.
  • Cast Glass: Cast glass allows homeowners to add unique, three-dimensional texture to their countertops. This type of glass is made by heating a sheet of glass on top of a mold to transform the clear sheet of glass into a patterned or textured piece of glass.


Another advantage of glass countertops is their durability. When we think of glass, durability isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind; however, the glass that is used for countertops has been processed through extremely high-temperature treatments to ensure strength and durability. While glass countertops may scratch or crack over time if not treated properly, they are also completely resistant to heat and scorching and are therefore a fantastic addition to any kitchen, and with proper care can last a lifetime.

Easy to Clean

When choosing a countertop for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to consider which options are the most hygienic. In some common countertop materials, there are small cracks and crevices in which particles and germs can become trapped. For example, granite, marble and stone countertops all contain these surface imperfections. Glass countertops, on the other hand, are completely smooth and have no imperfections on the surface that can trap germs.

Because of its smooth texture, glass is incredibly easy to maintain. It can be wiped down using a wet cloth or a simple glass cleaner. Because of its crystal-clear surface, glass also allows homeowners to see spots on countertops, making cleaning easy.


In many cases, glass countertops can be made using recycled glass. For example, crushed glass countertops often feature recycled glass. These glass countertops consist of crushed pieces of recycled glass suspended in a binder, which is then molded to form the shape of the countertop. In addition, glass countertops can also be recycled, making them a sustainable option in your home decor.

Look & Feel

When it comes to countertops, glass countertops are arguably the most elegant. Glass countertops can be made in a large variety of designs and colors so you’re likely to find the perfect fit for your personal style. These modern countertops invite light into your home, making it look cleaner, brighter, and more spacious.

Many homeowners opt to utilize glass countertops as an accent piece within their overall kitchen design. Some simply use glass on their kitchen island or serving area. Others have opted to install an elevated glass serving platform raised above the surface of their existing countertop. Because glass is translucent and allows light to travel through it, it can be utilized in an almost endless number of ways.

If you’re looking to make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom redesign, look no further than glass countertops. These customizable, eye-catching pieces are each one-of-a-kind and can drastically change the look and feel of your space. If you have any further questions about installing glass countertops and want to inquire more about installing them in your space, contact the More Than Glass team in Richmond, Virginia today. Our highly trained team is available to help you by phone at (804) 746-3086.


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