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No matter what space is being prepared for installation, whether it's the bathroom, kitchen or other rooms in a home or business, glass additions can make the area really shine with unique, custom work. Here are a few things you can plan on during the installation and how to prepare around your home before the professionals come to do the work. 

What To Expect During Glass Installation

1. Access to windows and doors

Installation technicians will need space wherever the work is being done. The glass company will discuss the details prior to beginning the job so as to avoid any unexpected obstacles. It's important to have a clear entry way for the products to be safely moved into the space. Any objects that are in the entryways which may obstruct movement throughout the area, should be moved if possible.

2. Safety and construction cleanup

Any home or business remodeling project can create some debris and dust. Expect some noise, and minimal disruption of your living space but also expect a thorough final cleanup. The technicians will place drop cloths and have all tools necessary to perform the installation of your new products. They will of course take extra care to leave the space safe and clean as they move through the installation process.

3. Homeowner preparedness

When any work is being performed in your home or business it's never a bad idea to move any fragile or expensive items located in the work area. Technicians will take all the necessary precautions and treat the space with the utmost respect. Items that are in the direct work space and are vulnerable to damage should be moved in order to keep all fragile items safe.

4. Children and pets

Children and pets may be a concern as they can be an obstacle if they are running or playing in or around the work area during the installation. You'll want to keep children entertained or plan the work for when they're at school or at a friends for the day. The same goes for pets. If possible, keep them contained in a room or separate part of the house for the duration of the installation. Any pet items or children's toys should also be cleared from the work space so it's safe and there's a clear path. Supervising your pets to prevent injury and escape is key.

After the work is complete, the space will get a walk-through to ensure all is tidied up

Glass enhances spaces drastically and beautifully, making rooms that need light or some “pop” really come to life. It's worth considering for any home or business. Whether it's a glass mirror or shower door, or an entire wall to accentuate your beautiful home or workspace, More Than Glass is here to get the job done safely and professionally. We will happily help you with any concerns to prepare the space for installation and will answer any questions you may have so you'll know what to expect.

We take pride in serving Central Virginia, creating beautiful custom work. Give us a call (804) 746-3086. We look forward to inspiring and creating, and bringing beautiful ideas to life.


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