Installing mirrors adds depth and dimensions you might have never thought of. When you think about adding mirrors to an area you may think of a simple mirror to hang on the door or wall. While this will certainly serve a purpose it’s not always the most visually appealing option. Mirrors can be used for more than just seeing your reflection. 

Mirror Installation Ideas For Your Home Gym or Office

Mirror ideas for your home office

Workspaces in homes can sometimes be confining since you're usually using extra bedrooms or a den or possibly a lower-level basement area. These rooms can be a bit gloomy for the work-at-home concept. To brighten up the home office let's consider these options.

Mirrored desk 

Every home office needs a desk. Why not transform it into an inspiring and open area? Mirrors can be implemented into your desktop or even the wall space directly behind it. A nice solid wood desk with a beautiful custom glass element will give you a modern look and a strong aesthetic to inspire and brighten your work area. 

Mirrored door

Every office needs some privacy, especially home offices where household distractions can interrupt your workflow. Doors can also make a room seem stuffy or closed off and honestly, can just make a space become stifling. To open a space up but also keep some privacy consider glass mirrors in the door. Glass is very adept at muffling sound. Glass in doorways can also allow you to see out to keep an eye on anything happening but also gives you the option to cover the space with a curtain or blinds. Depending on the size of the opening you could even have a double door to make the most of the space. 

Mirror ideas for your home gym

Who doesn’t want a home gym? Home workout areas allow you to exercise in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Even if you’re not incorporating a lot of bulky exercise equipment into the area, a meditation space or just a space to do some yoga or stretching is a nice getaway. Mirrors can help you stay in form.

Wall length mirror

Entire wall mirrors are common at most gyms. This isn’t just for looks. Mirrors allow you to concentrate better on the exercise at hand and the form you’re taking to get the most out of the exercise. Having a mirror installed along a wall in your home gym can give you the same benefits. Glass mirrors are durable and when installed by professionals are safe and sturdy. 

Mirrored corner 

If you don’t have the space or don’t like the look of an entire wall mirror, consider a mirrored corner. This will give you the benefit of a mirror to use for your workouts but also will keep it subtle. You may not need a large mirrored area if you’re doing more moderate exercise or more cardio. 

No matter what your preference is mirrors add so much to any room indoors and out. They can turn a once drab and dim area into a space full of life and light. Installation done by professionals is safe and guaranteed so you can have peace of mind while enjoying your new home office or gym. 

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