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A bathroom doesn’t just have to be a bathroom - it can be a relaxing escape for you and your family. Whether your bathroom is large or small, there are simple ways to create the home spa retreat you’ve always wanted. 

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Depending on your home decor approach you can choose from a variety of glass enclosures, tubs, and showerheads with the effects you want. If you’ve always dreamed about having a mini-steam room, jacuzzi, or other spa features in your bathroom, here are a few tips.

Start with Features

The first thing you should do is measure your space and see what you can fit, as well as narrow down what you want. Some people prefer a really lavish standing shower, while others have always wanted a glorious bathtub area. You can even install or buy a portable steamer that you can use inside a glass enclosure for that truly spa-like feeling. 

It’s All About the Enclosure

For a minimalist, zen, bathroom feeling you may consider installing a steam shower, a bench, or a nice clear glass enclosure to complete the look. Properly installed glass enclosures will enhance the quality of your at-home spa retreat overall. Well-made glass is more than just the look - it’ll last for decades. 

Shower glass is treated through a process called tempering that makes it strong, easier to clean, and ensures it won’t break into jagged pieces, making it family safe. Whether you’re planning on steaming or taking a long bath, the glass shower enclosure will add to the atmosphere as well as the experience. 

If you want a more fun, vintage-inspired bathroom consider some frosted glass panels or frosted glass “bricks” that will add an opulence to the space. Glass products amplify the lighting by reflecting more and creating the essence of space, so if your bathroom is on the smaller side adding glass panels can actually make it look bigger and brighter. 

For a modern or industrial look, it’s all about the frames around your shower or bathtub glass. A sliding door with a thin metal frame and frosted glass panels can give you a sense of style and privacy, mixed with practicality. 

Accessories & Pairings

Changing up your bathroom’s whole feel can be a matter of getting a new enclosure and swapping out the showerhead. Showerheads come in so many forms, and they aren’t particularly expensive, so you can have one that creates a waterfall effect over your head or one with a steam or mist option so you can sit down and enjoy a little spa atmosphere before moving on with your day. 

Glass tiles or a backsplash are also a great idea when you’re repeatedly using your shower or tub and creating a lot of steam and humidity. You can choose from designs or plain protective glass to really complete your bathroom’s new look. Most importantly, it’ll protect the walls from water damage - leaving you free to relax in your new space.

For custom-made glass shower enclosures, call More Than Glass at 804-746-3086. Whether you need some inspiration and want an expert opinion or you have a creative idea you want to bring to us, we have the experience and high-quality materials to complete your dream bathroom. Our experts have worked with communities around Richmond for over 30 years and are known for providing quality glass that lasts.


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