If you’re in a home with older glass windows you may have considered replacing them with new glass. New glass looks nicer, but did you know there’s also many other benefits?

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Improved Energy Efficiency

This is a big reason for most people to move ahead with replacing their windows. Unfortunately, windows are a notorious source of unwanted heat loss. All windows lose a certain amount of heat and the older your windows are the more energy inefficient they will be. Those who decide to replace old glass with new are surprised by how quickly the savings start to add up. Although your utility bills depend on many factors, it is possible to reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as a third just by replacing the old windows. The savings will be noticed immediately and will continue as long as you live in the home. A quality window replacement will truly pay for itself. 

Ease of Cleaning

Older windows in some homes are very difficult to clean. They weren’t designed with “easy to clean” as a feature. Many replacement windows are produced with dual sashes that tilt to the interior for extremely easy cleaning. It will no longer be such a chore to clean your windows and will be much safer since you can clean them without having to stand on a ladder outside.

Low Maintenance

Replacement windows made of vinyl or fiberglass materials are more weather resistant than old windows tend to be. There will no longer be such unsightly cosmetic issues like paint peeling or flaking off your window frames. The materials used in newer windows will last longer even in extreme weather conditions. They are made to last with minimal maintenance.

Resale Value

The more you invest in home improvements the more profits you’ll see if you sell your home. This is especially true with new windows. Improving the energy efficiency and the look of your home really pays off, not just when you’re living there but also when you sell it. In fact one of the biggest selling points of a home is new glass windows.

Comfort and Reducing Moisture Issues

Older windows tend to be drafty. This can make it uncomfortable as you sit near a window enjoying the view on a nice day. On cold days you’ll feel a consistent draft if your older windows are single pane or have a damaged seal. On those warm summer days you’ll feel the warm air seeping through and this can even lead to moisture issues around your windows as condensation builds up. Argon gas between the glass of dual-or triple-pane windows helps prevent heat transfer. Updated windows can help keep climate-controlled air in and your living space more consistently comfortable, 

As discussed here, there are many immediate and long-term benefits to window replacement. More Than Glass has been helping with glass windows and other glass improvements for over 30 years in Richmond and Central Virginia. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you (804) 746-3086.


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