When designing with glass it's important to know how versatile it is. Glass can be a “main attraction” or a complimentary piece. Patios that need a little updating are a perfect space to consider adding glass. 

5 Ideas for Patio Glass Design

1) Entertainment Area

All patio spaces need an entertainment area. Whether it's for cooking, dining or just enjoying nature, it's a must. Glass can bring a hint of elegance into those spaces. The versatility of glass design allows for a unique and custom look. A glass serving table or cocktail table is a beautiful transition from a rustic wooden look. An outdoor bar with a beautiful glass top or glass inlays will have your guests asking where you got that beautiful glass work done. Glass is durable and can be treated with scratch resistant finishes so don't worry about that. 

2) Patio Doors

Patio doors are a popular choice for adding glass. An entire door can be made from glass or it can have large custom stained glass windows set into a beautiful wood frame. Perhaps more subtle glass accents are right for your aesthetics, if that's the case consider adding glass to the side panels. Glass in patio doors will allow light to come indoors into the room that leads out to the patio. Glass brings a lot of life to patios and it's safe and durable, 

3) Conversation Pieces

If you aren't sure about committing to an entire glass door then consider a smaller glass accent piece such as a mirror, lamp or table that adds some fun and pop to the patio space. Glass can be used in many places that you may never have imagined. A water feature such as a fountain or elegant bird bath can utilize glass and become a focal point around your patio. Glass is easy to clean and lasts.

4) Outdoor Shower Space

An outdoor area for showers is relaxing and unique. If you have a pool or hot tub an outdoor shower is a perfect addition. Without having to go indoors to use the main bath you'll be able to rinse off and get back to enjoying your beautiful patio. A glass shower area will give you all the benefits without visually blocking off space since glass provides an openness, but also privacy. Talk about convenience! You can even add a small changing room with a glass mirror near the shower.

5) Glass Accented Furniture

A custom glass element in outdoor furniture can bring much needed pizzazz to outdoor spaces. Outdoor areas tend to look rustic, which is fine but why not add a touch of glass! A side table or cocktail table is a very functional piece of patio furniture. The entire table top can be made from glass or consider a glass accent piece. Incorporating glass with furniture whether indoors or outdoors is a great way to make it stand out.

Glass is a beautiful consideration for patios with many options. Patio glass gives these outdoor areas an openness, yet provides separation of space. It's durable and won't rot if it gets moist. Glass is sustainable, elegant, and easy to clean. At More Than Glass we have the experience to help you bring your design ideas to life.

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