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Glass is an important factor when remodeling your home. Where you place it and what you do with it can really change the entire appearance of a room. Glass works for just about any look, depending on how you design it and what you do with it. For living rooms, you have a ton of options. Whether you prefer something more vintage, or you’re looking for a contemporary or minimalist design, we’ve got the right glass pieces for you. Here are three ways to make your living room look huge with glass designs. 

open plan loung with beige sofa, designer coffee table with glass top and dining table

Modern, Minimalist, Simple

There are a few ways to use mirrors in a contemporary design. Firstly, going modern with your living room design is a great way to make the room look larger. This design premise counts on monotone colors, lots of light, and strategically placed items and furniture that do not overcrowd the room. Freeing up some space and only putting a few pieces of furniture can already make the space seem roomy. Adding a large mirror with a thin frame can also make the room appear double the size and can more easily fit in with your design motif. If the room is particularly small and dark, you may want to consider a glass coffee table and cabinets as well. Not only is decorative glass treated so that it is extra strong (and can withstand accidents and family fun), but it reflects light, which makes the room brighter and bigger. 

Color & Contrast

Using contrast and bright colors along with mirrors will really transform a space. It’s another well-known design trick that bright colors, like whites and other light colors create an optical illusion that makes space seem bigger, while darker colors absorb light and make the room seem smaller. If you have moldings paint them a few shades lighter than the wall color. This will make them appear further away ( like the room is bigger). Choose either a contrasting color or a lighter color than your wall for your mirror’s frame and you can have a really beautiful look that’s incredibly simple to achieve. 

Use Shelves to Your Advantage

When you’re trying to make a room look bigger, one great way to store your prized possessions is using glass-paneled curio cabinets or other glass shelving structures. Keep the contents inside neat and tidy and it will add a lovely dimension to your living room. This keeps the look minimalist but still allows you the creative space to decorate and display favorite items. 

Remember that the key to making your living room look huge is editing yourself! If you have a lot of clutter and need to store some of your items in the living room, you can choose furniture with storage. Like ottomans that open up and under-the-couch spaces where you can put your extra things. Reserve your glass cabinets and shelves for collections or display items that you keep nice and neat. Clutter makes rooms look and feel smaller. 

Custom Glass

If you’re looking to remodel your living room and give it that modern update that will make it spacious and gorgeous with high-quality glass, call the experts at More Than Glass at 804-746-3086. We’ll be happy to work with you to create the custom glass that will fit your room, and match your style and decor. 


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